How To Buy A Second Hand Car In Nigeria The Right Way (Tokunbo)

How To Buy A Second-Hand Car In Nigeria The Right Way (Tokunbo). Since new vehicles are so expensive, some people choose to buy slightly used ones that are less expensive. Here are the things you need to consider before purchasing one.

How To Buy A Second Hand Car In Nigeria The Right Way (Tokunbo)


Some of these automobiles are so well-kept, particularly foreign-made second-hand vehicles, that they might be mistaken for brand new at first glance. When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you may save a significant amount of money because of depreciation. Buying a used automobile does not mean you have to settle for a subpar model. Almost all of them feature long-lasting engines that continue to perform well for many years after purchase.

Second-hand or ‘Tokunbo’ automobiles are other names for these vehicles. In Nigeria, when you purchase a used vehicle, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for to prevent buying something you’ll regret or squandering your money on. Tokunbo, the Nigerian term for these imported second-hand vehicles, gained popularity. As a result, this phenomenon is now a part of the fabric of Nigerian life. When looking for tokunbo automobiles in Nigeria, the obvious first stop is Lagos; however, you may also locate them for sale in Abuja.

A vehicle is right up there with a home as the most costly purc for most Nigerian households. A vehicle is a need for every Nigerian household, but not everyone can afford one. People have found a clever solution to owning vehicles that isn’t exactly what they want: buying a moderately used car, or ‘tokunbo,’ as they are known in Nigeria.

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Determinants of second-hand car prices in Nigeria

Depending on where you are in the nation, used vehicle prices may be as cheap as a few hundred thousand Naira, or as high as several million. The price is always determined by a number of variables, including:

  • Model of a car
  • Age
  • Condition
  • The colour of the paint
  • Interiors with leatherette upholstery are among the optional extras.
  • Mileage

Luxurious automobiles equipped with the most current in automotive technology are often the most popular top-Naira attractions. Keeping a watch on Naijauto’s most recent Tokunbo vehicle pricing list is a wise move if you want to purchase soon. If you’re the first to spot a deal, you’ll get a great deal. In Nigeria, there are many used-car dealers to choose from. Naijauto, Cheki, Olx, and Jiji seem to be the most top digital car sellers. Others may be discovered in a different place. Naijauto’s online evaluation offers you an unbiased assessment of the best used and new vehicle dealerships in the Netherlands.

Things you need to consider before purchasing a second-hand car

1. Your present monetary state of affairs

Before purchasing a vehicle, whether new or old, you’ll need cash. To make an informed choice, you must thoroughly examine this topic. You should not only think about the purchase price of the vehicle, but also the ongoing maintenance costs. It’s worthwhile to invest N2 million on a Honda accord than N1.7 million on a BMW, for example, since the Honda’s repair costs are considerably higher than those of the Mercedes.

2. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity

Keeping your eyes open is one of the simplest ways to find a good deal on a used car. Always keep an eye out for “for sale” signs on secondhand cars. At the very least, one of them should have a low cost and be just as excellent as a new one. Such automobiles may be found at mechanics’ shops, petrol stations, or even on the highway. The first thing you should do when you encounter one of these vehicles is noted the plate number on an advertising board.

To avoid purchasing a low-quality vehicle, keep in mind that all inexpensive cars should be sold for a variety of reasons. As a result, get all the information you can about them before buying. There is still no point in buying this vehicle, no matter how little money you have to spend.

3. Don’t ignore the cost of insurance while making your decision

You should be aware that the insurance premiums for a vehicle increase in direct proportion to its purchase price and model year. Then you can’t fully afford it even if you have enough money to purchase a vehicle but not enough to cover the insurance premium.

4. Make a List of Makes and Types You Want to Target

Knowing what you want in advance is critical since it aids in decision-making and simplifies the purchasing process because you know exactly what you want. Vehicle sales data shows Toyota Camry to be the best-selling vehicle in the segment, followed by the Honda Accord, Nissan, and Mazda. Having more than one vehicle manufacturer to choose from is a good idea.

5. Examine the purchase price of the vehicle.

Before buying a used vehicle, make sure you study it thoroughly, including the pricing. It’s possible to get an estimated price for the vehicle model you want to purchase by using a search engine. Having an idea of the car’s price gives you leverage when negotiating with the vendor, who will constantly want to upsell you.

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6.  Verify the mileage

When we talk about mileage, we’re talking about the overall distance a vehicle has travelled when it was first purchased. Since a result, always check the mileage before purchasing a secondhand vehicle in Nigeria, as this may be a deal-breaker. A car’s yearly mileage ranges between 12,000 and 14,000 miles. Low mileage indicates that a vehicle on your shortlist has been driven fewer than 60,000 miles over the course of five years, and therefore is a smart bargain, particularly if it meets all the other boxes in terms of utility.

If you know the mileage, you can estimate how much the vehicle is worth and how much it should be utilized for.

7. Take a look at the vehicle’s overall condition

Choosing the appropriate automobile necessitates knowledge of a vehicle’s mechanical condition. For the time being, get it inspected by a reputable technician. Prior to starting any talks, be sure everything is all in order. Do not be misled by the automobile’s brand new appearance; it may be a deception to conceal the true state of the car.

8. Prior to making a purchase, get the property inspected

When purchasing a used automobile, you’ll want to enlist the assistance of a qualified technician to assess the vehicle’s overall health. It’s like the old adage, “All that glimmers isn’t gold,” in that a nice-looking vehicle may not be as well-equipped as it seems. It’s possible that a pre-purchase examination may reveal problems with the engine.

9. Make a note of the engine’s performance

A little drive will reveal this. See how the engine works by turning on the A/C system. If the engine is vibrating, it indicates it isn’t in good enough condition.

10. Supply of replacement components

My buddy purchased a secondhand vehicle and everything seemed great at first, but when the car required a component replaced, the trip was over since the replacement parts weren’t widely accessible for purchase and could only be obtained from the manufacturer or another car of the same type. It’ll be a waste of money to spend all that cash on something just to have it fail at the most inconvenient time.

Research if the vehicle you’re considering buying has easily accessible replacement parts since all automobiles are prone to problems that must be repaired at some point. Before you spend all of your hard-earned cash on anything, think it over thoroughly.

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Many of the low-cost secondhand cars in Nigeria nowadays are outdated and in poor condition. Nevertheless, if properly cared for, they should provide you with pleasurable travel experiences. Whether the vehicle you’re considering buying was previously owned by someone else, find out if they had any issues with it. If the majority of your respondents provide unfavourable comments, you may want to rethink your choice.

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