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Top 10 Investments With Monthly Returns In Nigeria

Top 10 Investments With Monthly Returns In Nigeria. Get Insight On The Best Investments With Huge Returns In Nigeria. Check Here For More.

Top 10 Investments With Monthly Returns In Nigeria

Are you looking for an investment that can yield you monthly returns? Look no further as we have a handful of information on the top investments that you can venture in with monthly returns in Nigeria.

What is an  investment?

An investment  is an advantage or thing obtained with the objective of producing salary or appreciation. In a financial sense, an investment is the acquisition of products that are not devoured today yet are utilized later on to make riches.

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What are the benefits of investments?

There are so many benefits of having an investment or investments. However, i have put down some of the most important benefits of investments. They are:

  1. It helps you to save money
  2. It helps you get higher returns
  3. It gives you an advantage of saving for retirement
  4. It assists you in reaching your financial goals
  5. It helps you in creating capital for your business
  6. It helps you expand your business

It should be noted that the benefits of investments are not limited to the above that has been listed.

What are the top 10 investments with monthly returns in Nigeria?

One might often wonder what investment would bring enough returns. To provide a solution to this, i have highlighted the top 10 investments with monthly returns in Nigeria. They are:

  1. Real estate business
  2. Transportation business
  3. Raw food business
  4. Spare parts business
  5. Importation business
  6. Farming
  7. Live stock products
  8. Restaurant business
  9. Mini mart
  10. School business



One of the best investments you can ever think of in Nigeria remains the real estate business. Real estate business involves the buying, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for the sole aim of making profit. One can liken the reall estate business to a simple landlord and tenant business. One good thing about this investment is the fact that real estate does not depreciate in nature but appreciates.

The only issue about this investment is that one would need a whole lot of capital to start up this investment but once it is started, it is highly profitable.


Another investment that one can venture in that would yield a whole lot of profits monthly is a transportation business. The number of vehicles that would be purchased for this business depends a whole lot on the capital available to start up this business. One good thing about this investment is that it doesn’t even need as much capital as one would need to start up a real estate business and it yields great profit. One can easily start this business with just one vehicle and can choose to either make it a public transport vehicle or a cab.


Raw food business is another business or investment in Nigeria that is highly profutable and can bring you monthly returns. One reason why this business is highly profitable is because we all need food to survive in live. It is impossible for one to survive without food.

The advantage of investing in this business is that one does not need so much capital at least for a start. To start up, you might only need to buy basic food stuffs to start this business. Another important advantage of this business is that raw food doesn’t perish like cooked food and you have to worry less about losses in this business.

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This business is very popular among the people from the eastern part of Nigeria. It is highly profitable and as such, a lot of people invest in this business. You need a good amout of profit to start up this business. If you are confused on how to start up this business properly, you can always talk to any one who has been in the business for long.


This is another business that one can venture in to get monthly returns. It is highly profitable but requires quite a whole lot of capital to start up. If you wish to invest in importation, you should speak to a professional in the business.


It cannot be overemphasized that one of the biggest sectors in Nigeria is the agricultural sector. This is because we all won’t be able to able to live without having food. Investing in this business does not necessarily mean that you need to get your own farm. You can do this easily by partnering with a highly experienced farmer. This way, your returns would be based on the agreement which you both have.


Live stick is commonly referred to as rearing domestic animals that can be used for food. This business is highly profitable and can easily be venture into. All you need is knowlegde on the type of luve stock animals you would love to rear. An advantage of this is that the knowledge about rearing live stock products can easily be gotten from the internet or from professionals in the business.

The capital required to start up on invest in this business highly depends on the live stock animals you would want to rear.

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One would notice that this is like the third investment that concerns food that we have looked into. This is because of how important food is to the lives of humans and as such, attracts a lot of customers. Restaurant business by far has proven to be one of the best investments one can go into in Nigeria. One good thing about this business is that you do not necessarily need to start big but you can grow your business with time.


A mini mart is a small form of a super market.  The main things sold in a mini Mart are grocery items which is very essential for human lives. The capital one needs to start up a mini mart might not be so huge depending on what you want to start with.


School business is by far one of the biggest investments one can make in Nigeria currently. It involves establishing and management of a school. It can fetch you a whole lot of returns but needs to be properly managed so as to be able to track the right profit.

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