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How To Start Tailoring Material Business In Nigeria

How To Start Tailoring Material Business In Nigeria. In this article, I will walk you through on how to start tailoring material business and make a lot of profit.

Tailoring Material Business

Tailoring material business is very lucrative. Look around you how many tailors can you see? In an environment you will see more than 40 tailoring shops. Apart from the ones you see in the open so many of them are doing it inside their homes example is the place I am residing.

All these shops need sewing materials for their sewing business but we only have just but few tailoring materials shop, some places don’t have even one tailoring shop. And tailors around that environment have to travel far in other to purchase these sewing materials.

This is one of the businesses you don’t need training to star. However, if you are privileged to get some training that is an added advantage. Like in every business you have to write a tailoring material business plan to help in guiding you into the business.

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How to Start Tailoring Material Business In Nigeria

Starting of Tailoring material business depends solely on what you want to sell because the business is wide. Understand your customers need and buy your materials according to the needs. Your location matters too because it determine what your customers are buying. Study your environment and get a shop where there are plenty tailors or where people selling tailoring materials are less.

Know what people around the place you want to set the business buy most. Sell unique fabrics with affordable prices too. Be very consistent in what you are selling when people know they can get everything from your shop they will keep coming. Let your price be unbeatable, buy from suppliers that will give you for a good deal so you can sell at market price.

How Much is Needed to Start a Tailoring Material Business

It depends on what you want to sell and your clients demand. With N50,000 You can start small and grow it. But if you are starting on a large scale then you need from N500,000 and above because you have to buy different varieties. You have to purchase different colour of materials. Understand that the higher the amount invested in it the higher the profits generated from it.

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Where to Buy Tailoring Materials

Aba market: It is where many cloth traders from Lagos travel to buy.

Sewing Materials in Aba

For tailoring accessories in Aba you can get them from New Market (line 6 and 7) and in Ariaria market. For clothing materials go to Ekeoha Shopping Centre.

Onitsha is a known big place too for where tailoring materials distributors are located.

Balogun market: It is another place to buy tailoring materials at wholesale prices. Other places in Lagos are; Oshodi, Idumota, Ojuelegba

Ibadan is another good place to find dealers of tailoring materials and accessories. Ibadan market Gbagi Aleshinloye Ogunpa

Importers of Tailoring Materials in Nigeria

In the above mentioned places for the purchase of tailoring materials you will see many importers of tailoring materials and they sell with competitive prices.

Tailoring Materials price list

  • The prices of tailoring materials depend on the quantity and quality.
  • Thread cost between N450-N950 depending on size.
  • Open and close zip cost between N1,1000-N1,600 for a bundle of ten dozens.
  • Needle is N20 a sachet and N450 a pack.
  • Scissors cost between N100-N300 according to size.
  • Elastic cost N800- N1,100 for the small and large types.
  • Suite lining cost N90 per yard.
  • While linen cost N6,000 for 70 yards.

Disclaimer: these prices are not fixed and could have changed at one point or another.

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Sewing Tools

  • Scissors
  • Sewing needles
  • Thimble and threader
  • Presser feet
  • Threads
  • Measuring tapes
  • Pins and pincushion
  • Rulers
  • Seam ripper and tweezers
  • Dull face satin fabrics
  • Duchess satin fabric
  • Polish cotton
  • Veil net
  • China fabrics
  • Bridal net
  • Polish satin
  • Tapeta silk fabrics
  • Raw silk fabrics
  • Chiffon
  • Machine reader
  • Sample net
  • Sample material
  • Linen
  • Aba linen
  • Trims
  • Sewing machines
  • Machine oil
  • Stone
  • Clothing stays
  • Hard net
  • Shuttle
  • Gum etc.

Profits in Tailoring Material Business

50 yards of linen cost N6,000, when you sell a yard N250 you will get N8,250. This is just for linen. How about every other one put together you will make money such that you become very successful in life.

Advantages of Tailoring Material Business

  1. One major advantage of this business is the fact that the materials doesn’t get spoilt and you will eventually sell them off one day.
  2. They are fast moving
  3. It does not necessarily require a place with high rent because tailors are the main buyers and will trace your shop to buy.
  4. You make sales every day.
  5. The little or much you sale in a day has profit attached.

Downside of Tailoring Material Business

Your price will remain low and may be diminishing as the day goes if you did not stock all the ranges of goods. Because customers go to where they can buy all the materials the need at once.

If you put sales person to handle the business for you some of them may steal from your shop to a close. What should you do? Get a book and take note of every stock you purchase daily. Take stock of what is sold daily too and check the money available for that day. Compare everything you have left; what was sold, and the money available it will help you to know if your money is stolen.

Advice may be coming from different quarters some of which may be conflicting sometimes and you end up wasting money unnecessarily. Stick with what you know and build your experience with time then you will know what to do.

You may end up buying some materials or machines that are not up to standard, you can get advice from dealers as per the best brand of materials to buy.

The business may be unprofitable if you can’t travel to big places like Onitsha or Lagos to buy at a cheaper price. Buying around town on a higher cost will shorten your profits.

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Tailoring material business is very lucrative if you manage it well. Follow the guidelines on this post and you will be happy you did. It is one business that is not crowded and can be started with small capital. Sit at home mums, retirees, graduates etc. can start this profitable business. You can use a smaller space but make sure you stock all the materials needed by tailors in your environment.

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Tailoring Material Business Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is selling of tailoring materials profitable?

Tailoring material business is very lucrative. Look around you how many tailors can you see? In an environment you will see more than 30 tailoring shops. Apart from the ones you see in the open so many of them are doing it inside their homes example is the place I am residing.

Is tailoring business profitable?

Tailoring business, like the food business, is one business that will always be profitable.

Is tailoring business profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, tailoring or fashion designing is a profitable business in Nigeria whichever angle you want to come from. Whether it’s creating your own brand (already made for people to buy from) or bespoke (taking design orders as they come).

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