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10 Ways To Invest – Where And How To Invest

10 Ways To Invest – Where And How To Invest. Money investment is an excellent source of passive income. However, we’d be teaching you some ways to invest, where to invest and how to invest your money.

10 Ways To Invest - Where And How To Invest

About Investment

Given the nation’s economic circumstances, investing in Nigeria hasn’t always been a good idea. Investing, on the other hand, has evolved into more than a means to preserve money; it has become a habit that individuals have adopted through time. Many individuals have been duped into believing that you must be a “Wolf of Wall Street” before you can invest.

It implies you’ll need to make a lot of money before looking at any of Nigeria’s investing possibilities. Many individuals enjoy the advantages of small-scale saving and investment, and it all boils down to discipline. Even modest sums of money invested may provide significant returns; here are some methods to get started investing now.

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What are the advantages of investing in Nigeria?

Dealing in Nigeria makes sense for a variety of reasons. Nigeria has Africa’s biggest economy ahead of South Africa, Egypt, and the rest. PwC estimates that Nigeria will be one of the world’s top economies by 2050, ahead of countries such as Italy, Canada, South Korea, Spain, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Nigeria offers the population, labour, and workforce to enable any company to succeed. Nigeria has a low minimum salary in comparison to other countries. As a result, you’ll save money while getting more done. Various government benefits are available, including income tax, custom deductions, taxation and economic policy, government benefits, economic empowerment funds, double taxation reliefs, and many more.

Most lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria

1. Agriculture

Nigeria has a headcount of about 200 million people, according to most estimates. And maintaining this enormous population is a major problem. Due to Nigeria’s inability to produce enough food to feed its people, the country is heavily reliant on imports. Audu Ogbe, Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture at the time, estimated that the nation imports food at a cost of $22 billion annually in 2018. Since independence, successive governments have sought to decrease food imports. Many incentives have been provided as a consequence of this.

The Bank of Agriculture was established in order to provide financial assistance and support to agricultural-related companies. Several banking institutions, such as Nigeria’s department of finance, provide specialized financial support to agriculture-focused companies. Nigeria’s agricultural sector is unquestionably one of the most promising investment prospects in the country.

Investing in agriculture may be a highly profitable business if properly thought out and performed. Crops, animals, transportation, agricultural machinery, and a host of other topics are of particular interest.

2. Investments in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

Nigerians consider crypto to be one of the most lucrative and high-risk investment strategies. Aside from Nigeria, bitcoin is a major force in monetary technology and the digital transactional market. Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others may be a lucrative investment if you have some spare cash. Find out all you need to know about investing in bitcoin by reading on.

It’s impressive that you’re already familiar with cryptocurrency’s inner workings. Nevertheless, if you don’t, you should get advice from an expert.

3. Real Estate

Nigeria’s housing market was among the most lucrative in the world. This is due to the soaring population. The large-scale movement to big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Uyo, and so on. Major city real estate investing may be very profitable for investors. Affordable homes, construction supply, hotels and retail complexes are only some of the possibilities. You may benefit from real estate investment in a variety of ways.
The housing shortage is only going to become worse as the world’s population and economy continue to expand.

4. Investing Apps

When it comes to protecting funds in Nigeria, there are a plethora of options thanks to investing applications that have never been simpler. The development of these smartphone apps has given the nation a significant boost in the capital. You may invest in business shares, agriculture, or perhaps even secured loans from the comfort of your couch. Apps like Cowrywise, PiggyVest, Carbon, Bamboo and many more are available for download.

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5. Oil and Gas

Oil and gas is Nigeria’s main economic stay. Nigeria’s oil and gas industry offers lucrative investment opportunities for both international and domestic companies. On the global oil production scale, Nigeria ranks as one of the main suppliers. Here are some oil and gas investment opportunities to consider:

  • Exploration and exploitation.
  • Promotion of Products.
  • Pipe-lining.
  • Exceptional Solutions.
  • Transport of crude oil.
  • Growth of locally produced options to foreign products such as superheated steam valves, compressors, superficial drilling equipment, drilling mud, bit fittings, drilling cement, detonators, steel castings, magnetic tapes, and more.
  • Rebuilding and installing.
  • Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production and Marketing (LPG).

6. Bills of Exchange

If you’re a tiny investor, it’s understandable if you want to stick to tried-and-true investments like Treasury Bills. You won’t become wealthy with this investment, but it’s a great location to store your money while earning income that is guaranteed for a limited period of time. To learn more about Treasury Bills, go to this page.

7. Insurance

While many insurance plans include an incorporated type of investing, insurance is not an investment. It is a good investment, however, to put away just a little amount of money in case of large-scale loss or destruction. Your funds are protected against costly situations like accidents, injuries, and property losses thanks to this policy.

8. Mining

Aside from oil, Nigeria is endowed with a plethora of natural resources that have gone mostly untapped. For a dedicated investor, an investment in these undervalued regions may provide huge returns. Nigeria’s mining industry remains mostly unexplored, even by international standards. There hasn’t been a lot of progress. This gives a lot of room for future investors to come in and take a look.

Nigeria offers a plethora of untapped resources, and the government has repeatedly shown its willingness to work with investors who wish to tap into those resources.

9. FGN Savings Bond

The Debt Management Office (DMO) on behalf of the government of Nigeria issues FGN savings bonds. The connection is designed for individual investors, with assured regular interest payments and total payback at maturity. You are providing financial assistance to the Federal Government of Nigeria for a timeframe when you purchase into the FGN savings bond, and you will be paid interest. Because it has the full support of Nigeria’s federal government, this is regarded as a highly safe investment.

For a period of two to twenty years, you may invest anywhere between N7,000 to N50,000,000. The amount of interest you receive on any investment is determined by its duration.

10. Stocks

Stocks may be a hazardous investment, but they can also be extremely profitable. If you have extra cash lying around and don’t need it right now, consider investing it in companies that have been well examined. It’s like placing a money wager on whether or not a business will succeed. You’re a sucker for good sales pitches. You get money if the business grows.

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Nigeria undoubtedly offers a wide range of investment possibilities. Petroleum, transportation, communications, and so on are a few examples. Well before you make a massive step, the area may be a deciding factor. Perhaps this is a point of disagreement while trying to obtain the greatest investment in Nigeria.

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